Romanians at French International

Diana Chelaru - first vault - in which she has a huge leg separation but no other major deductions:

Diana Chelaru second vault - where she barely makes it with her hands on the table

Ana Porgras - uneven bars - you know what I was thinking about when I saw this? I was thinking that she looks like a year ago at Euros in that team final when she had to compete on bars after getting injured on beam. She looks in pain. Of course it's not the same kind of pain... It may be the kind of pain you feel when you grow, when you evolve.

Sandra Izbasa - floor - I must say that even if I had my doubts when I heard she was doing the tango thing too... now I know that it was a good decision. This is a routine that suits her very well and a routine that the all the audiences will love.

Diana Chelaru - Floor - A very well executed routine. But she must change that music once and for all... It's almost as old as Lauren Mitchel's :)

Later edit. You can also watch Ana Porgras' beam set HERE.
Ana looks as lovely as she always has. She had two major breaks in the routine, on elements that she usually masters and she missed a couple of connections. Nevertheless she scored 14.733! That means a potential of 15.533 (given that doesn't wobble the switch ring leap - 0.3 and the layout on two feet -0.3  plus a couple of connections bonuses +2). 

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