a must see: 2000 Euros - Event Finals

Although it may not have been the best day in the history of gymnastics commentary, it's interesting and entertaining.

Nadia calls Produnova's bars "nothing special". Of course Isarescu is "conservative" but clean :)
She seems to like Viktoria Karpenko much better... until she calls her "robotic" - on beam.

Bart is not much nicer either. "look at her bangs, is that like an airfoil?" referring to Karpenko's hairstile while doing a Shushunova on floor.

I liked the fact that they show a little bit of the juniors, with Stroescu and Cojocar dominating the event finals. And you are not going to believe what was Pavlova's specialty. Uneven bars junior champ!

Part 1: bars final, with Produnova, Martinez, Isarescu, Khorkina, Karpenko 
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Nadia is openly bored with Khorkina's routine "Not only she can close her eyes and see her routine, I can close my eyes and see her routine" bwahahahaha

Part 2: Vaults by Moya, Zamo and Amanar, Karpenko and Khorkina on beam
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part 3 - Amanar and Zamo on beam, Karpenko on floor
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Yes,  Bart just called Svetlana "one cool character".

part 4 - Ludivine Furnon, Andreea Raducan and Simona Amanar on floor
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I did believe that Raducan was technically better than Ludivine Furnon but really, the French gave one of the most impressive performances I have EVER seen in an event final.

part 5 - and a very energetic take on Carmen by Produnova:
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