Romanian Gymnastics Gala, aka The 2012 Blogger's Awards - part 3

Other Categories:

Best TV Commentary: Christine Still & Mitch Fenner (London Olympics)
also nominated: Alina Alexoi & Ramona Micu (Euros WAG),  Shannon Miller (London Olympics), Alina Alexoi & Marian Dragulescu (Euros MAG)

Best Live Coverage: Blythe (the Gymnastics Examiner) & Bea (The Cough Gymnast) - Euros

I voted Blythe Lawrence for Euros and Olympics, her live blogging is out of this world.

Best Gymnastics TV Production in Romania: The Medal Factory

this was what went through my head when i read this: this is the third nomination and 2nd Bloggers Award for Bea. She has also been nominated in 2011 for .... (If only I hadn't been one of the judges LOL)

I think that the Review of the 2013-2016 Code of Points was the top article - the thing is Oana and Mihai co-wrote it so they couldn't vote themselves on first place, could they?
As per why all the articles nominated were written by the members of the jury... No comment :)

Let's go on:

Best Event of 2012 (in Romania): July 2012 Friendly Meet (ROU - GER - FRA - ITA) 

Best Aerobic Gymnast: Valentin Mavrodineanu

Best Rhythmic Gymnast: Alexandra Piscupescu

Most Emotional Moment of the Year: Sandra Izbasa's joy when discovering she has won the Olympic Gold  tied with the 4 Nathional Anthems we had to listen to during 2012 Euros
Emotional moment of the year

also nominated: Catalina Ponor on the FX podium at the Olympics and Viktoria Komova's FX routine and the wait for the All Around final results in London 2012

Biggest Surprise at the Olymics: Gold on Vault for Sandra Izbasa
also nominated: Sandra's 5th place finish in the AA competition, Jordyn Wieber not qualifying for the All Around final, Aliya Mustafina's Bronze in the All Around

Most Desired Accomplishment (prior to the Olympics) come true:  Romania medaling in the WAG Team Finals

London 2012 - bronze medal

also nominated: Beth's Olympic Medal, Gold on UB for Aliya Mustafina, Kohei Uchimura winning the MAG All Around

Gymnastics No Ceiling Award: goes to Bellu and Bitang for not giving up and always wanting "the best" for Romanian Gymnastics

Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu

2012 was a pretty good year!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bea,

I have been searching everywhere... youtube and on the net for the commentery by Christine Still and Mitch Fenner. He covered the games with Shannon but can't find any links for the coverage Christine did as I love her commentary? Would you have links or can you advise where I could find them ?