Two forces to be reckoned with

Amelia Racea and Ana Porgras have won the uneven bars an the balance beam respectively at the Grad Prix held in Brindisi. Thus, the two Romanian youngsters reassess themselves as the two leaders of the new wave of gymnasts coming from Romania. Should they remain healthy, next year they will be the ones that will lead Romania towards more shiny medals at the Worlds in Rotterdam.
Other gymnasts that have made an impression and we hope to see more of in the future: Italy's Serena Lichetta, Emily Army and Elisabeta Preziosa and Greece's Vasiliki Millousi

Uneven Bars finals:
1. Amelia Racea -14,400
2. Serena Lichetta -14,000
3. Emily Armi -13,350

Balance Beam finals:
1. Ana Porgras -14, 950
2. Elisabetta Preziosa - 14,800
3. Vasiliki Millousi - 14,550


FRG Rankings announced

The Romanian Gymnastics Federation has decided: Ana Porgras is the best gymnast from Romania in 2009! The complete ranking is as follows:
1. Ana Porgras

2. Anamaria Tămîrjan
3. Gabriela Drăgoi
4. Amelia Racea
5. Diana Chelaru
6. Raluca Haidu
7. Diana Trenca

8. Daniela Andrei
9 Larisa Iordache
10. Diana Bulimar


Sandra Izbasa has returned to Deva

According to ProSport, Sandra Izbasa is feeling very well and has returned to Deva. Aside of the health improvement, there is one remarkable mental breackthrough. Sandra says that she no longer has nightmares when she thinks about her floor routine, on the contrary, she misses working out. When she first got back to Deva, she was a bit tempted even by the balance beam and she was brave enought to climb onto the apparatus but her coach quickly spotted her and made her get down (those types of adventures are not recommended for her weakened foot).
In two days' time she will be allowed to start running again and for Nicolae Forminte seeing her healthy and with a positive attitude is a great news.
I am happy for them both! Good luck Sandra!