American Cup: The routines

Larisa Iordache - Balance Beam

Larisa Iordache - Floor

Larisa Iordache - Uneven Bars

Larisa Iordache - Vault

Diana Chelaru - Vault

Diana Chelaru - Uneven Bars

Diana Chelaru - Floor

And some podium training:
Diana - FX

Larisa - FX

A big thank you to Gymnastike, Blythe Lawrence, Lauren Hopkins who covered the event and to 13shifter who uploaded so many great routines on youtube!

about Romania's new star (and future leader)

"The ideal is for Larisa to go to New York prepared to challenge Jordyn without injuring herself. She also needs to beat the 60 points barrier soon.
These are overwhelming expectations, yet Iordache has demonstrated repeatedly, in the last four or five years since she emerged on the international scene, that she has what it takes.
No, I don’t expect Larisa to beat Jordyn Wieber this weekend. But I do believe that I will be again amazed by her explosiveness and presence. Why would this weekend be any different?
She has not yet shown fear, self doubt or physical weakness.
Larisa was never a cool kid.  She is not a rebel, nor a ballerina, yet you can’t take your eyes off her. Because she owns everything she does and she loves every minute of it."

what have I been up to lately

contrary to what the lack of activity of this blog might indicate, I'm not retired. On the contrary, I think about gymnastics a lot. Here's a sample:
"Since she was selected in the senior national team, Diana Chelaru has gradually improved every year, broadening her range of skills, developing a personal style while consistency has become one of her main strengths.
The progression was a surprise: if in 2009 the most she could hope for was to qualify for floor and vault event finals at Euros, 2010 was her breakthrough year, when she became a constant presence in finals on her pet events and even started winning prestigious medals on floor. 2011 would reveal yet another facet of Diana Chelaru: as an all around gymnast, placing third in qualifications and fourth in the AA finals at Europeans."

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