Best Of Romanian Gymnastics in 2011

by Cris (GymFever)

Mihai from Fangymnastics had the brilliant idea to gather five great minds that think about Romanian gymnastics all the time (roughly about 75% of the time they are awake probably) and ask them who were the best Romanian gymnasts of 2011. The result, The Romanian Gymnastics Gala, although virtual at this point in time, is our tribute to all the gymnasts that work hard all year long and who are rarely celebrated thoroughly, especially in years like this. You know what I mean.

So, the judges:
Mihai (Fangymnastics)
Cris (Gymfever)
Alina (Tare!)
Carmen (Romanian Gymnastics Fans)
and moi.

We tried to combine personal taste with objectivism and the result was quite great if I come to think about it...

So, long story short, here are our results:

For Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Best All Around Gymnast: 1-Larisa Iordache (2-Ana Porgras, 3-Amelia Racea)
Best Gymnast on Vault: 1-Sandra Izbasa (2-Larisa Iordache, 3-Catalina Ponor)
Best Gymnast on Uneven Bars:1-Larisa Iordache (2-Ana Porgras, 3-Amelia Racea)
Best Gymnast on Beam: 1- Larisa Iordache (2-Ana Porgras, 3-Catalina Ponor)
Best Gymnast on Floor: 1-Sandra Izbasa, (2 - Diana Bulimar, 3-Diana Chelaru)
Most consistent gymnast of 2011: 1-Larisa Iordache (2 -Diana Chelaru, 3 -Amelia Racea)
Most surprising gymnast in 2011: 1 - Catalina Ponor (2-Diana Bulimar, 3-Laura Jurca)
Best Routine of the Year: 1-Sandra Izbasa - Europeans, VT EF (2 -Larisa Iordache -EYOF, Beam TF,
3-Catalina Ponor - Worlds, FX Team Finals)
Best Coach of the Year: 1-Adela Popa (2-Octavian Bellu, 3-Cristian Moldovan)
Best Young Gymnast of the Year: 1-Laura Jurca (2-Madalina Blendea, 3-Adela Florea)
Best International Gymnast of the Year: 1-Viktoria Komova, (2-Yao Jinnan, 3-McKayla Maroney)
Fair-play gymnast: 1-Diana Chelaru (2-Diana Bulimar, 3-Ana Porgras)
My favorite gymnast (all time): Daniela Silivas

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Best All Around: 1-Flavius Koczi (2-Marian Dragulescu)
next, I will add only the winner for Men's:
Best Gymnast - Floor: Flavius Koczi
Best Gymnast - Pommel Horse:  Flavius Koczi
Best Gymnast - Rings: Cristian Bataga
Best Gymnast - Vault: Marian Dragulescu
Best Gymnast - Parallel Bars: Marius Berbecar
Best Gymnast - High Bar: Vlad Cotuna
Surprise of the year: Marius Berbecar
Routine of the year: Flavius Koczi - Europeans, Floor Event Finals
Best Coach of the Year: Marius Urzica
Best Junior Gymnast in the National Team: Daniel Radeanu
Best "Hope" (gymnasts that are not in the "junior" category yet): The entire Lugoj Club Team
Fair-play award: Marian Dragulescu
Best International Gymnast of the Year: Kohei Uchimura
My favorite gymnast (all time): Marius Urzica

Other Categories and other "Gymnastics"
Best Aerobic Gymnast of the Year: 1- Corina Constantin, (2-Valentin Mavrodineanu, 3-Maria Luisa Pavel)
Best Rhythmic Gymnast of the Year: Alexandra Piscupescu
Best Commentary Team: Alina Alexoi and Ramona Micu
Best TV Show about Romanian Gymnastics: The Medal Factory
Best Gymnastics Event (held in Romania): Aerobics European Championships
Best Live Coverage: Brigid, Blythe & Anne (Worlds)

Best Articles of the Year:

GymNoCeiling award: Ana Porgras - for the way she handled the pressure during the team and all around finals at Worlds. (HERE)

May this become a great tradition, and sooner rather than later to start giving the awards in person!