on the restrictions of using the Olympic logo

"Last week a cafe manager in Camberwell, south London was raided by ‘community wardens’ after he displayed five bagels in the style of the Olympics rings in his window.
Two ‘community wardens’ swooped on the House Cafe and Gallery, in Camberwell, within 20 minutes of manager David Adams putting up the display.
They claimed that putting the circular buns on show breached copyright rules."

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“fiasco,” “disaster”, "a pain in the backside"

Isn't that what all the locals say about the Olympics?

An insightful article in The New York Times about some of the most annoying aspects of the Olympics.

"officials keep saying they hope the rain will go away before the Games begin. There really is no contingency plan; the Olympic Stadium, where the opening ceremony is to take place, has no roof."

"Walking near Victoria station, Linda Vaughn, 68, said she was bewildered by the bombardment of seemingly contradictory messages: Welcome to the Olympics, Now Please Go Away."

The Olympic Spirit, British Style: When Will This Nightmare End?


Could Uchimura NOT win in London?

"The surest thing at the coming Olympic Games in London — more than the swimmer Michael Phelps, or the sprinter Usain Bolt, or even the American men’s basketball team — may be a 23-year-old Japanese gymnast nicknamed Superman."

interesting read in The New York Times