Romanians at Top Gym

Paula Tudorache - BB:

Paula Tudorache UB:

Paula Tudorache  FX:

Paula Tudorache VT:

Stefania Stanila UB:

Stefania Stanila FX:

Stefania Stanila BB:

Stefania Stanila 1st VT:

Stefania Stanila 2nd VT:

Thank you, Dutchfan33 for uploading these!

Missing Sandra Izbasa

because she is not boring without ever being over the top:
 "I want to thank the people that are following us in competitions. Gymnastics is a sport for intelligent people. You have to understand how the code of points works and why the judges give 14's, 15s or 13s. Because when they don't get it, people don't watch". She is glad when she sees fans shaking banners . She salutes them in the gym because she doesn't have a Facebook account or a personal site. (full article HERE)

I cannot stop wondering where the team would have been in Tokyo with a healthy Sandra Izbasa throwing vaults like these:


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A poll for Romanian Gymnastics

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