As per FRG, via Fangymnastics, the Romanian gymnasts Maria Balea, Georgiana Gheorghe and Larisa Iordache will compete on the 4th and 5th of June in Trnava, Slovakia.
I must confess that I am becoming quite anxious because of this drought of videos on youtube. It's starting to get to me, slowly. Three meetings have taken place in the last 2 weeks. At least 28 routines: 16 at French nationals, 8 in Lugano, 4 in Brno. There are only 4 routines on youtube, all from French nationals, none of which are close to interesting. If you are reading these lines and you are one of the people that actually recorded something and also bothered to upload on youtube. I thank you. You are the reason why I have not lost it completely.

But, back off-topic and out of line. I wish I could fly to Slovakia on Saturday morning. I would take a sandwich and my green purse. And my camera. I think my memory card is a bit old. I would have enough space for 10 maybe 12 minutes of recording. I would have to spend it wisely. 
Wise I am not. But I do like to spend.
Larisa Iordache on beam! 1 minute and 30 seconds well spent. her Vault! vault is short right? but it is also tricky because the gymnast can wait for a while before the green light comes out. I would either waste the space with the wait or choose to risk by pressing the recording button the moment she starts running. Then I would remember that I did try this trick once, in Waalvijk. Missed 6 vaults out of 7. And the one I caught was Nabieva falling. So I would not risk anything, because I MUST own (on tape) the 9.6 DTY or even, possibly a 9+ Amanar (ah, the though of that makes me jump with joy).

So here I am, with two minutes of Larisa Iordache waiting for the green light. And then the pretty sight of my fingers. There are still 6 minutes left. 8 at most
- Georgiana Gheorghe on beam. yeah, you must know by now that I have a thing for beam. And for the cutest gymnast after Pitic. 
Then Maria Balea's bars of course.... and the beam! I definitely want all three beam routines.
So by now I have used roughly 7 minutes and 30 seconds. I want Larisa Iordache on Bars and floor - 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Then and Georgiana Gheorghe on floor and I would probably still have enough space of half of Maria Balea's floor. Now I have (almost) all Maria Balea but no more space for Georgiana Gheorghe's bars.

Care to see what I missed?

In fact, Georgiana has a release move in her routine now. At this rate I will not live to see it.