Is this music too big for gymnastics in general or only for Elena Oprea?

This is a very funny routine that I have discovered when I was doing some research for an article. Enjoy!


My favorite beam workers of the past decade

PS: For Ekaterina Lobazniouk I used fotage from the 1999 worlds, I know that 1999 was not in the past decade but I liked that routine too much.


what a new car does...

Marie Sophie Hindermann is a gorgeous gymnast that we all (or, at least me and some other people) remember as the unusually tall and very talented German girl who made it to the Uneven Bars finals at the 2007 Worlds (and placed 5th). Well Marie, now 1.74 and probably retired, has a new car. It's a Fiat 500 and few gymnasts have been happier about their car, as you can see from the bellow images. She is thrilled about it.
But I still could not fint out if she has retired or not...


The Couch Gymnast's online magazine

I am very glad to let you know that The Couch Gymnast's online magazine has been launched today!!
Happily (for me), she has managed to find some space in the magazine for an article I wrote about Cerasela Patrascu; if you are interested you can read it here.