our little swan has lost hope...

Anamaria Tamarjan is seriously considering retirement. I can't honestly say that this comes as a surprise. Ana Tamarjan is already 19 years old and since Beijing she has had long breaks due to injury. But I am (oh!) so saddened by the news..
"Some time ago, Ana has expressed her desire not to continue and remained at Deva for school-related issues (she's a student at Deva high school). The door will always remain open for her, if she'll change her mind, we will still be here." said Anca Grigoras for ProSport.
You will be missed, little swan!


GSP TV - Corina Ungureanu and Octavian Belu, back in the gym

Corina Ungureanu: "If I were any younger, 25 at most, I would be making plans for the Olympics. I don’t know… I said that I was going to take this step by step and we will see. If I don’t have a good progress till the upcoming Worlds, meaning in 4 months, then I will have to ask myself if this is working out or not… I have will but I need to be healthy as well"… "I am financing my trainings, for now at least".

Octavian Belu: "Corina is making a praiseworthy effort, even if there are opinions for and against her presence in gym, I think she is a positive example for the younger gymnasts. I think that coming back at her age, to try and succeed at an elite level it's courageous" ... "The goal is clearly a common one, trying to have the best possible appearance in London 2012. Nothing will be forced , nothing will be left to chance and everything will be attentively planned."

Hottest News - TCG Magazine hits the virtual stands

The Couch Gymnast has done it again! To read the fabulous new magazine, click here.
You will find in the magazine what I hope it is my last article about Nicolae Forminte.


He Xuemei - 1993 Worlds qualif

I don't know about you, but I always feel a little happier when I watch a straight somersault with full twist on beam :)


First training under Belu, Bitang and Grigoras

Interesting pictures can be found in Prosport:

It must be weird for Sandra to have new coaches, although she says she's not nervous at all (read it in Prosport)

Hmm.. I wonder who that is, next to Gabi Dragoi...
Ana Porgras: her leg is still in a cast, unfortunately


Are things beginning to make sense?

Prosport is keeping us up to date with the discussions that are taking place between B&B, Stoica and Forminte.
On one hand, Forminte is starting to become more open to discussing a possible spot in the technical staff of the women's team. And also explains why he decided to leave in such a rush:
"After the Europeans, I knew this will happen. We had that training in Izvorani, which was a very stressful period. An event was organized there, to which all of the personalities of Romanian Gymnastics were invited, but I was not told about it. For me it became clear. All I can reproach myself is trying too hard to please everyone"
He has also added: "If I am wanted, there are means of communication, for a discussion, in order to continue our collaboration. If they don't manage to convince me, then my resignation remains valid. The only one that has contacted me so far is Mariana Bitang and I have also received an email from Anca Grigoras."
Forminte is a good Vaulting coach, and this has been acknowledged by Octavoan Belu as well. He would be a great help for the team.

On the other hand, although I am aware of the fact that Octavian Belu is the best technician in Romania (and possibly in the world), I really hope he doesn't become the national team coordinator (among others, bcause he is a cruel human being) An advisory position will be the most suitable. There must be a way of of making things work for the best interest of the gymnasts and of the national team.
The two areticles can be read in Prosport: Forminte's press conference and Octavian Belu interview


It's all over the press... "the golden couple" has returned to Deva

Well, in a very "stylish" way, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation has asked Belu and Bitang to take over the coordination of the national gymnastics team, having Forminte "downgraded" to coach for the same apparatuses he was taking care of when Belu and Bitang left, in 2005.

Of course Forminte could not remain there, under these circumstances, attitude characterized by Adrian Stoica, the mastermind of this move, as an act of vanity.

As long as the federation has requested the support of Mr Octavian Belu and Mrs. Mariana Bitang, I. believe that I am no longer trusted and that my place is no longer here. I leave with the satisfaction that I let here some good kids with potential, and especially that the group is in a much better situation than when I took over the responsibilities "

I am saddeed by Forminte's sorrow... but the worst part is that very few seem to remember why these people left. In Romania, we don't care about happy gymnasts.