Catalina Ponor - coqueting with gymnastics

According to Prosport

I'm not not holding my breath, other people have attempted comebacks as well. As we have seen, it does not only depend on how badly you want to return but also on how your body reacts to intense training.
In the summer of 2010 Catalina said that Mariana had invited her to join the national team but she declined (for medical reasons and because she had other plans). I wonder what made her change her mind...

Sources in Izvorani have said that her purpose would be either to return to elite gymnastics or to be able to participate in shows, for which top physical shape is necessary.

Adrian Stoica has declared: "these are not rumours, regarding Catalina Ponor. All I know is that a possible comeback is discussed and we don't know if she will be healthy enough to be able to make it. In the future, we will know more."

Mariana Bitang has refused to comment.

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