Favorite Moments (of 2010)

Jade's promised comeback!
Jade was eating ice-cream when I asked if I could take her pic
unfortunately the team mates took it out of the setting
Most of us thought that her career was finished in the beginning of 2009.  It was announced then, that there seemed to be no cure for her wrist condition. People were amazed at how optimistic she looked while declaring she will probably not be back until 2010. There were two things she seemed to ignore: 1 - there was no cure and 2 - 2010 was very far away, how could she still be so positive she would still want to do gymnastics?

Luckily, no one told her that and if they did, she did not listen. Jade made a successful appearance at Brazilian Nationals in November 2009, placing first on floor. Throughout 2010 we did not see much of her in competitions. At the 2010 Worlds she quietly managed to qualify in for the all around finals vault finals (with the third score). 
In the finals she pulled off two great vaults and showed us what she meant by "I won't be able to do well in competitions until next year"

 2010 World - two nice clean vaults

or watch here.

2007 - a young Brazilian showed us how to throw an Amanar:

or watch it on youtube.

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