Izvorani Training Camp: In the Holiday Spirit

These are taken from an article published in Romanian rag magazine Click. The pics are nice though the content of the article is "light". The title of the article is "The gymnasts, like princesses on New Year's Eve!".

the gymnasts and the most successful coach of all times next to the Christmas tree:
 And, the gymnasts are (from left): Diana Trenca, Amelia Racea, Larisa Iordache, Dana Andrei,
Ana Porgras, Diana Rusu, Raluca Haidu, Beatris Margarit, Georgiana Gheorghe

It seems that they were allowed to enjoy more the "holiday atmosphere" than the specific foods. Euros are just three months from now... we can't be surprised.
Diana Rusu and Ana Porgras
The author of the article notes: "Ana Porgras was in the spotlight, giving fashion advice to her younger team mates". That's what I call team spirit!

Source: Click!


yanna said...

In the group picture, the first one from the right is Georgiana Gheorghe, not Maria Balea.

I wonder if Click asked for permission before publising and even watermarking those photos...they're taken from the girls' facebook accounts.

Bea said...

Thanks Yanna! I was not sure either... Wooow, I thought they went to Izvorani for the pics, did not imagine the pics are from Fb!!