Favorite moments of 2010 - The surprising VAULTS

It was fun watching vault this year despite the controversies. We must admit  that there were some pretty vaults too, here and there. But what I liked the most were the spectacular improvements: take for instance Mustafina- she didn't even attempt two vaults at Euros and five months later she throws two of  6+.

Other surprise evolutions: Raluca Haidu (from FTY at Euros to DTY at Worlds), Sandra Izbasa (from 1.5 Yurchenko at Nationals to DTY - 3 weeks later),  and, of course, Vanessa Zamarripa's Cheng - stuck in the first day of US Nationals. 

When I say great vaults I am also thinking about Larisa Iordache. In 2009 she had a FTY and  a round-off half on tuck (4.6) while in 2010 she presented a FTY and a 1.5 Yurchenko.  She had successfully competed  the  1.5 Yurchenko since the beginning of the year but during the fall she managed to stuck it on numerous occasions. I consider her vaults extraordinary, given the general level of the Romanian juniors.

Any other vaults that surprised you? Here are some of my favorites:

Larisa Iordaches' vaults at Romanian Nationals

or watch here.

Mustafina's Amanar from Waalvijk

or watch here

Sandra Izbasa's DTY from Worlds

or watch here
Vanessa Zamarippa's Cheng vault:

or watch here

or watch here

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