Lili, I already miss you!

Lili coaching Ana Porgras during 2010 Romanian International

Everybody is talking about it... Two months ago Lili Cosma has left the National Team returned to Deva. I was hoping she was on a vacation or something. This is a bad news... she was invaluable to the team!
Gabriela Dragoi, Anamaria Tamarjan, Ana Porgras, Sandra Izbasa, Stela Nistor, Raluca Haidu, Amelia Racea - all these gymnasts have won medals at Worlds or Europeans with Lili Cosma as their beam coach. 
Especially after 2008 Cosma has been the mastermind behind many original beam sets with  nice dance elements here and there and difficult combinations of elements.
Of course, all these gymnasts were well trained and had good routines before they came to the national team. Still, Lili has added, in many cases, that final touch that made all these routines memorable.

Some of my favorites:

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