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Not a day without interesting new things from Izvorani, I say! 
Watch HERE the video posted by Mihai on youtube.

The footage seems to be from the warm-up, not the verification they were talking about yesterday. However, there are interesting moments: 
-Izbasa's lovely new vault - round-off half on front laid-out with half twist;
-Amelia Racea's new beam acrobatic combination (aerial cartwheel to side somi);
- plus the Bellu's word of the day, which is continuous training. It's interesting how all the girls say it "bit by bit the progress starts to show" - Diana Chelaru; "we worked more, without breaks, we worked continuously" - Amelia Racea; "there is a big difference between continuous training and working for five months than taking five months off" - Ana Porgras.

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