Cottbus World Cup - Floor Final

A few words about the floor final: I did not get to see Elisabeth Seitz so, excluding her routine, my two favorites were Tan Sixin and Nadine Yarosh. Unfortunately, Tan had a low start value (5.3) so even if she had good execution (aside of some low landings) and exquisite dance and interpretation, she could not score higher than that (14.00).

Yarosh is a fabulous little dancer too... she almost sat her 2.5 twist and her landings were not as confident maybe, but she definitely has a looot of potential.

When I saw Yao on floor, I thought she was Sui Lu, without the socks. To me, the resemblance is astonishing: the way she stops after tumbling passes to make sure of the landing, her body positions, arm placing etc.. So, if you like Sui Lu's floor routines, you will definitely love hers. Plus, compared to her older compatriot, Jinnan seems to be holding it together on "foreign" ground. I'm not that into Sui Lu...

here are the results:

1. Yao (CHN) 14.250 (5.6)
2. Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 14,000 (5.6)
2. Tan (CHN) 14,000 (5.3)
4. Van Gerner (NED) 13.950 (5.5)
5. Nadine Jarosch (GER) 13.700 (5.4)
6. Serseri (FRA) 13.375 (5.1)
7. Brennan (AUS) 13.025 (5.3)
8. Hunt (GBR) 12.500 (5.1)

or watch it here.

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