New floor routine for Izbasa and other great news from Romania

Thank you, Eamyy!

Even if they didn't get to show their routines in an official meet this week-end, Romanian gymnasts had a surprise test, replicating the normal competition conditions: different gym, new apparatuses and little time to adapt to the novelty.

You can see by the seriousness in Bellu's eyes that he is working hard on the psychological side... The message is clear... Work had, don't take anything for granted... he declared  "We are not going to the European Championships to try to see if maybe things turn out ok and leave things to chance"
The gymnasts seem much more businesslike, ready for competitions. Porgras has matured a bit  "I am very glad that there is a sort of a competition between us, to see who will make the team"

Diana C.:"I want to win medals but most of all I wish to remain healthy and to get the chance of competing, and do my routines the way I do them at home"

Amelia Racea looks a bit healthier and much cleaner as well "I feel I am more prepared than before and I feel more confident"

As per Sandra's new routine... I am a bit disappointed by the music, I mean everybody has done the tango thing over the past 1-2 years. At the same time I am confident it will be a beautiful one and a "work off art" as Bellu said.

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