Cottbus World cup Highlights of the Qualifications (part one)

Even with the withdrawal of the Romanian gymnasts, the Cottbus World cup remains a very interesting competitions, with plenty of gymnasts to watch,
For instance, I can't wait to see what Yulia Belokobylskaya  is up to- she won gold on floor and bronze on beam at the recent Russian Nationals. There seem to be no recent videos of here on the internet, which makes this competition even more exciting. She qualified for the uneven bars finals (14.225)

Kim Bui
Anther very interestig case is Kim Bui's - this is  her first international competition since she came back from injury. She  qualified for the uneven bars finals with the same total as Belokobylskaya (6.1 D score).

Also on my list are Jinnan Yao and Tan Sixin - first years seniors, these two chinese girls seem to be one more talented than the other. So far, Jinnan  qualified with the highest score for the UB finals while Tan had a fall which took her out of the finals(13.475 - 6.1 D score) 

Oksana Chuchovitina is still around (bien sure) - she even qualified first for the vault finals(!)

Surprise of the day so far: the Rudi thrown by Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland; She qualified second for the vault finals.

The first part of the qualifications is now completed. here are the results:
1. Oksana Chusovitina (GER) 14.137 
2. Steingruber (SUI) 13.987 
3. Kurbatova (RUS) 13.537 
4. Toth (HUN) 13.512 
5. Wagner (SWE) 13.500 
6. Nadine Jarosch (GER) 13.487 
7. Khwela (RSA) 13.462 
8. Adasme Pinto (CHI) 13.450 

Uneven Bars
1. Yao (CHN) 14.625 
2. Van Gerner (NED) 14.500 
3. Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 14.400 
4. Kim Bui (GER) 14.225 
5. Belookobylskaya (RUS) 14.225 
6. Sikulova (CZE) 13.850 
7. Palesova (CZE) 13.825 
8. Sasada (JNP) 13.775 

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