Corina addresses the retirement rumours

this is the translation of a ProSport interview :

Why did you give up?

I could not continue physically, the pains were strong. I tried to protect my left ankle, which had problems and put pressure on the tendon of my right leg. I ignored the pain, but I panicked when I could barely walk or go down stairs

Are you disappointed?

No, I tried, I had the courage to start all over. My return has attracted much negative criticism and I think now everything is quiet.

Do you have any regrets?

No. I gathered much satisfaction, because if someone had told me that I will get to learn new elements on uneven bars at 29 or that I get to do jumps better than in '97, I would have taken it as a joke.

You have been given as an example ...

I did not want to be seen as a model. The only thing that I wanted was that my ambition to help the younger gymnasts to continue to fight for their dream.

Another gymnast from Ploiesti retired, Tămîrjan...

I spoke to Ana and I told her that I would help her when she needs me. We can go together to the gym to exercise and hopefully, she will regain her desire to do gymnastics.

How is your life now?

With much rest and sports, I take golf lessons.

Will you continue your coaching career?

I stayed in the gym for seven years and a half and it's enough. I'll try to stay close to sports, but in another manner. I want to help the sport here in Ploiesti, to get involved more, to do something for the place where I started.

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