what a birthday for Diana Bulimar!!

Great day for Diana at the YOG, as she managed to capture her first medal, a silver in the floor finals. Diana, who stuck 3 of 4 landings managed her best routine of the year, the same day she turns 15.
The star of the day was Tan Sixin who captured the gold medals in both finals. Here are the medalists:

Beam final:
1. Tan Sixin - 15.55
2. Carlotta Ferlito - 14.825
3. Angela Donald - 14.450

Floor Final:
1. Tan Sixin - 14.525
2. Diana Bulimar - 14.325
3. Victoria Komova- 14.175

Komova has had a rather dissapoining last day: she fell twice off the beam and almost sat her first tumbling pass on floor.

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