translation of the exciting piece about the Romanian team

You have probably seen this already, just for the ones that don't speak Romanian:

Gymnasts to control: Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang have started the tests with scores with the desire of shaping a team for the worlds. Izbasa cannot wait for her first contest and Octavian Belu reveals the aspects the Romanians will rely on: confidence and accuracy.

Today’s trial was also important for deciding the team that will take part in next weeks match against Geat Britain. The routines are binding sowly but the girls still have not managed to convince their severe coaches so that a new controlled training session will follow.

Belu: “for those who really had no contests or have stopped training for a longer period, such competition is a stimulant and it speeds up recovery ”

Izbasa revved up her engines and is ready for three apparatuses; Sandra has a new floor music and is ready for competition

Izbasa: “I want to keep my position as a leader, I am glad to see that girls listen to me, is an accumulation period”

Belu (about Izbasa): “is one of the few if not the only one who does not fall below a certain standard”

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