the newspapers on Romania vs Great Britain

The team for the match against Great Britain has been decided:

Gabriela Drăgoi

Cerasela Pătraşcu

Raluca Haidu

Diana Trenca

Daniela Andrei

Coaches: Liliana Cosma and Florin Cotutiu

So they have decided to send the gymnasts that need to compete more than anything else. Plus, they are keeping the best ones at home because Bellu and Bitang want them to show up at Rotterdam in a better shape than ever and to amaze us.

I have read two artlicles about this: one in Prosport containing the FRG’s press release and one in Gazeta Sporturilor.

From GSP, I found worth mentioning:

Mariana Bitang: „We will not send there the core of the team. The girls that have not competed so far are going. Saying that we are sending a team there is too much, it’s a presence to honor an invitation that was accepted before we came to the national team”

- The rest of the gymnasts will remain at Izvorani and will continue with the usual schedule of two training sessions a day

- The only time we will see B&B with the gymnasts will be the Nationals in September

- „Our aim is that at the nationals, in September, the gymnasts to show absolutely all the elements they know” – Mariana Bitang

- For Ana Porgras, who is slowly recovering according to Bitang, the objective is to show only two aparatuses at the Worlds in Rotterdam „We don’t want to force anything, our objectives are tied to London 2012 and we don’t want any more injured gymnasts by then”

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