seven days a week at Izvorani

Mirela Neag of GSP has visited the Romanian national team at Izvorani. I don't know exactly when that happened but the article is dated August 26th.

She writes that in the three months since they have returned Bellu and Bitang have moved at Izvorani and that the team will train there after the Worlds as well but Deva will not be a desolate place because the juniors are still there, also the seniors will move there from time to time to break the monotony.

B&B on coming back after five years:"It is not hard to return to the job you love, that you do with pleasure. The only thing missing now is the free time i had before "Bitang confessed alo that they have basically have moved to Izvorani, where they live, including during the weekends." These girls are like children and need to be constantly monitored"

When I returned to gym I felt that I missed only one day. The job made for fun is something that you don’t forget, your reflexes formed in 25 years of work will never disappear " says Octavian Belu.

They both agree that much work is still needed and that the most important thing is that after three months all the girls are healthy, without major medical problems. "None is in plaster or with crutches" exemplifies Bitang."The gymnasts are now starting to hammer in a more intense working style, more rigorous," says Bellu.

I don't expect B&B to do wonders at the next Worlds, but I am positive they will have the best results that are humanly possible. Also, by keeping the national team at Izvorani they manage to maintain everything more transparent (see the unprecedented media coverage) also, by not keeping themselves isolated, they manage to remain somewhat happier, more relaxed... like they have a choice now, with Bucharest being so close.

Anyway, B&B seem to have chosen gymnastics this time, not the medals, not the money (I'm not even sure they are paid to do this). Maybe it's early to speak about this after only 3 months... but probably the five years of pondering, have helped them realise exactly what they want. To train little girls into fabulous gymnasts... This time without breaking their backs and starving them I hope.
But, in gymnastics, is there any other way?

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