10 of the best performances at the YOG

The gymnastics contest at YOG is now concluded. Some gymnasts have been better than ever offering some nice performances, some unexpected (such as Carlotta Ferlito and Ana Sofia Gomez Porras) and some gymnasts have not been at their best, due to injury or other reasons (Diana Bulimar, Tess Moonen). All in all it has been a nice contest,since we have witnessed with some star making performances and some legendary ones.
I have selected the 10 best routines that no one should miss. Though I was unable to find the exact performance I was referring to, I embeded one from the same event in another day of competition.

10) Ana Sofia Gomez Porras - beam in the EF or here

9) Angela Donald - beam in the EF (this is from qualifications) or here

8) Natsumi Sasada - bars in the AA or here

7) Ferlito - beam from EF (this is from qualifications) or here

6) Tan Sixin - floor (in the EF) (this is from AA) or here

5) Carlota Ferlitto - floor in the AA final or here

4) Voctoria Komova's Amanar from the EF or here

3) Diana Bulimar's floor (from the EF) or here

2) Tan Sixin - beam (from the EF) or here

1) Victoria Komova - uneven bars (from the AA) or here


Anonymous said...

I thought Komova's amanar was the best in the all around

Anonymous said...

Komova's Amanar in EF was a failed attempt which should be devalue to a DTY. Her performances in AA and Prelims are both better.