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Yesterday was the day we found out how the “nominative list” looks like. In other words since yesterday we have started to make predictions, calculations and to develop strategies for the team finals. What can be more “fascinating” i dare say... you have a team of 7, cut it to 6 (well it’s already cut in the nominative list but they can modify that whenever they want) and then “all” there’s left is to calculate which three gymnasts can obtain the highest marks for each apparatus. This sophisticated process involves making assessments on the gymnasts' chances to make faultless routines at a given moment (three-four weeks from now) and your personal taste in general.

I always make an excel table and I write on each column the apparatuses then I add three names under each, then I add the marks, the total per apparatus and then the total for the entire team and I get a fabulous result, something that my team has never seen under this code of points. And I’m satisfied. After a few minutes I realize that I wasn’t thinking clearly: how can I put Cerasela Patrascu as a certainty for the beam? She fell during the EF at the Nationals and at the last meet she wasn’t even among the top three Romanians. I say to myself: this team is not good. I have to calculate again! I do it, make many changes in the team, add the marks, the total and SURPRISE!! I GET THE SAME RESULT.

I will probably do this once in a couple of days until the worlds and I will never finalize my predictions. It must be really hard to be the head coach of a team. Well, at least they have the advantage to see the gymnasts every day while we will only see them at the podium training or even worse, during the qualifications.

All I can say is that I hope Bellu doesn’t do it like I do (AS IF I could compare myself to Bellu HAHAHA)!


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you make me laugh!

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Anonymous said...

hello, I do the same thing, =D I did the calculation of the 4 best teams, USA, CHN RUS and ROM.
And the result was:
How was your prediction
you can share? :)