Sandra Izbasa - A new beginning

(Mediafax via ProSport)
This is the translation of an interview by Mirela Basescu, from Prosport:

How was the first competition?
With many emotions (laugs). It was a contest in which I took it over from the beginning, a new start.

Did you expect to win?
Not really. Anybody wants to win, naturally, but I knew it was going to be difficult. I went there to see where I stand. This first place is only a small step in a stage of verification.

How did you get the strength to come back?
From everybody's support, from the trust and the desire to show that such an injury is not always the end.

Do you still think about the injury?
I try to get over it because it was a difficult time. The most difficult part has passed but I still have a lot of work to do.

Mr. Bellu went to Ghent with you...
Yes, he encouraged us all the time, gave us instructions, tried, through his words, to scatter the nerves.

Will you present the same floor routine at the Worlds as well?
Most of it yes. Only by then I will have had more repetitions, so more confidence.

What's next?
The Nationals in Resita where I will compete on three events: vault, beam and floor.

You can read the original article here.


sportplayerwallpaper said...

Great answer by great athlete Sandra Izbasa...
Thanks for sharing this post.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a true Lady sportwoman!!
A real role model.
Thanks Sandra

Bea said...

@ sportplayerwallpaper you're welcome, she gives interesting interviews!

Bea said...

@ anonymous yes, so true!