Romanian National Team for the 2010 Worlds announced

Here are the seven that are going to be sent to Rotterdam:
Sandra Izbasa
Ana Porgras
Raluca Haidu
Cerasela Patrascu
Gabriela Dragoi
Diana Chelaru
Amelia Racea

The question remains: who's going to be the alternate. Bellu is the most excellent strategist out there... can't wait to find out who will he pick.
I would choose Gabriela Dragoi, I don't think she is ready yet.


Alexa said...

I personally think that Gabi is way more consistent than Raluca but we'll have to wait until Worlds to see how they managed to improve.

ELayout said...

Dragoi is consistent, but she's not consistently top three on bars and beam, her two events, and can't help at all on vault or floor (yet). Haidu just might be able to get her vault together by worlds and that would be a big asset to the team.