Defining success in the pre-Olympic year

For Romania, a successful pre-Olympic World Championship does not necessarily equals winning the most medals. This is a story of building a strong team. Tokyo is not the finish line but merely a part of the process.
I do not expect anything but with my (limited) understanding of this process here are a few of the things I want Romania to achieve in this stage (in no particular order):

The team to go like clockwork in qualifications… Bellu is a master in preparing his teams to compete their best when the big one comes. Simulations of the qualifying competition have been the focus ever since Nationals so they are ready; what’s left is just for the gymnasts to rise to the occasion and make Bellu a happy coach;
Amelia Racea to manage two all around competitions without major errors and to achieve her full potential D score. When 2012 comes, Ama might get the chance to play the steady all arounder for Romania. This is her chance to prove she is mentally strong;
Porgras to shine on floor… Some say this routine looks a lot like her old one, I think she is able to perform it so well that it becomes a separate story;
Two gymnasts in the beam and floor event finals respectively;
Pitic to hit bars… and break the 14.0 barrier every time she competes her bars set;
Ponor to be glued to that beam… not as much as a hair has to move;
A surprise vault... and I will not say more :).

For some, this may seem little after more than a year under B&B. People may be disappointed if they don’t win a team medal and by the looks of it they will have it. I do think there will be the occasional surprises, good and bad. But no achievement will be greater than leaving Tokyo with 7 healthy gymnasts hungry for medals and enthusiastic to make it to London. 

What are your hopes for the Romanian team in Tokio? I am really interested to find out how you feel! 


Laura Marcella said...

I'm excited about this Romanian team! I really think they're going to do good things at these Worlds and even greater things at next year's Olympics!

I want the Romanians to win a team medal and I want to see Ana Porgras defend her gold medal on beam. I'd love to see a Romanian win an all-around medal, too!

parkas_86 said...

Me encantaría ver una medalla por equipos para Rumanía, y se que se puede obtener oro en viga y piso. Tengo la esperanza de que también obtengan una medalla en salto. Pero si no se logra una medalla por equipos, no me sentiría decepcionado de ninguna manera :D Saludos desde México.

Bea said...

@Laura Marcella - Porgras winning a second beam title in a row would be a dream :)

@parkas_86- I too think they have the potential to win at least a medal in every final, except for AA and UB maybe. we will still love them now matter wat, no? greetings from holland :)

Tiana said...

Bea, be as much as optimistic possible, each gymnast has own chance now, and they well know that. They all have only to do what they did in many many hourse of training. But I love your last line - most important is to came back 7 healthy gymnasts - the big battle is in 2012, for sure.
Let's wish all: may the best to win in Tokyo!