Gent Challenger Cup - Qualifications- Live blogging - Part 3

Maria Stepanova - FX: 13.150 (5.3)
Roni Rabinovitz (BB): wobble on her aerial walkover, many pauses in her routine 12.5 (4.9)

Komova (BB) - fell on the standing arabian in warm-up; she has fantastic form and good amplitude.

Kristina Vaculik: 13.25 (55)

Jiang Yuyuan: front tuck, flic- layout on two feet, almost fell on the back tuck(?)  and then again on the sheep jump, nice switch ring, flick - flick- 2 1/2 twist on the dismount. 13.125 (5.7)

I think Jessica Lopez will not compete on floor anymore.
Dos Santos FX 13.7

Elizaorova FX: 13.475

Bismpikou (BB) 14.150 (6.0)
Maksiuta on BB 14.025 (5.6)

Demyanchuk (BB) - starts with a  fall... but after that, I think she managed everything.; a very characteristic routine for her 13,575

Viktoria Komova (BB): only a few wobbles. very small, the most notable on a double spin. Stuck dismount.
15.175 (6.1)
Maria Paseka (FX) 13.325 (5.4)

WU Liufang: successful BB for her; she had a few wobbles, almost fell on a sheep jump. Looks good! 14.850

Milousi: hands down on dismount - 13.9 (6.1)
Jade Barbosa - BB 13.500

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Ashley said...

Why did you think Jessica Lopez would no longer compete floor?