Are things beginning to make sense?

Prosport is keeping us up to date with the discussions that are taking place between B&B, Stoica and Forminte.
On one hand, Forminte is starting to become more open to discussing a possible spot in the technical staff of the women's team. And also explains why he decided to leave in such a rush:
"After the Europeans, I knew this will happen. We had that training in Izvorani, which was a very stressful period. An event was organized there, to which all of the personalities of Romanian Gymnastics were invited, but I was not told about it. For me it became clear. All I can reproach myself is trying too hard to please everyone"
He has also added: "If I am wanted, there are means of communication, for a discussion, in order to continue our collaboration. If they don't manage to convince me, then my resignation remains valid. The only one that has contacted me so far is Mariana Bitang and I have also received an email from Anca Grigoras."
Forminte is a good Vaulting coach, and this has been acknowledged by Octavoan Belu as well. He would be a great help for the team.

On the other hand, although I am aware of the fact that Octavian Belu is the best technician in Romania (and possibly in the world), I really hope he doesn't become the national team coordinator (among others, bcause he is a cruel human being) An advisory position will be the most suitable. There must be a way of of making things work for the best interest of the gymnasts and of the national team.
The two areticles can be read in Prosport: Forminte's press conference and Octavian Belu interview


Adde said...

So you think Forminte is anything different than Bellu? I doubt it. Besides, Bellu seemed to have learned something from the past. I've tried to support Forminte as much as I could but I haven't seen anything positive about this team lately.

Anonymous said...

Do you base your affirmations on that book written by Nourescu? Have you read it? It is ridiculous. Anyway Alexandra herself has taken back most of what the book says.