It's all over the press... "the golden couple" has returned to Deva

Well, in a very "stylish" way, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation has asked Belu and Bitang to take over the coordination of the national gymnastics team, having Forminte "downgraded" to coach for the same apparatuses he was taking care of when Belu and Bitang left, in 2005.

Of course Forminte could not remain there, under these circumstances, attitude characterized by Adrian Stoica, the mastermind of this move, as an act of vanity.

As long as the federation has requested the support of Mr Octavian Belu and Mrs. Mariana Bitang, I. believe that I am no longer trusted and that my place is no longer here. I leave with the satisfaction that I let here some good kids with potential, and especially that the group is in a much better situation than when I took over the responsibilities "

I am saddeed by Forminte's sorrow... but the worst part is that very few seem to remember why these people left. In Romania, we don't care about happy gymnasts.


Anonymous said...

I learned this a long time ago. In Romania, gymnasts are disposable, which is really why I stopped following them. It's sad, I know.

Anonymous said...

The Romanian WAG team seemed happy to you at these Europeans? Or at least healthy?