Ana Porgras: out for 3 more weeks...

yes, it's that bad...

Mirela Basescu has visited the gymnasts at Izvorani. She reports for Prosport that, although wearing a cast Ana is not resting: as a part of the recovery she is doing a training for strenghtening on the uneven bars and is mentally rehearsing her beam routine. With the stopwatch in one hand, Ana stays on the beam, her eyes closed for tens of minutes, visualising the whole exercise in her mind.

"At first, I found hard to accept what happened to me, that I seemingly give out to an injury after another, but now I think that this is a test and I must reamain strong."
About Rotterdam: "I hope I don't have health problems and now I have exhausted all my injuries. I wish God gave me what any gymnast wants: to become a champion."

"I cannot wait to come back. I miss a "hard" workout. I am not worried about the competition on the beam, I think it's good because it gives me extra motivation. Competition gives me courage, I don't have to let them surpass me."

The article, by Mirela Basescu, can be found in Prosport.

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Cris said...

I don't understand something: girls are now in Deva (from 2 weeks)...that means this article is old, no?
I'm so sorry for Ana :(