Prosport reports: Ana Porgras's diagnosis; Forminte not satisfied with the EC results

In a tour de force, Prosport filled us in with the latest in Romanian camp :
First and more importantly, Ana Porgras was given a diagnosis: fractured fibula. Due to this injury she will have to either wear a plaster cast for three weeks or have the leg in a cast and stop training for three weeks (I didn't understand either). The National team's doctor said that while in GB, one day prior to the Euros team final, she had a leg scan test but the fracture didn't show, that's why they suspect that it appeared after the low landing from the balance beam during the contest.
You can read more in Prosport.

Also, Nicolae Forminte answered some questions the journaists had:

"Was Amelia's gold medal a surprise for you?"

"Racea has proved she is a mentally strong gymnast, too bad she has a low effort capacity, but in the future we have to solve this problem"

"You pulled Ana out of the EF, how is she?"

"Ana's ankle problem has worsened after the team finals, after landing very low from beam. We had done an MRI in GB, but the doctors could not find the cause of the pain she was complaining of. It was not easy for her to sit and watch as others were receiving medals."

"Couldn't you have protected her during the TF or in the qualifying round, for her to be able to compete in the EF?"

"The team is the priority. Ana does not have a privileged status compared to the others. They are all a team and they must compete as a team. We came here with all our valid gymnasts, so we didn't have any other strategy to think of."

"Were you surprised by Raluca Haidu's clean beam routine"

"Haidu, had she kept her calm better, could have won the BB. The fact that she could fall twice during the TF and not miss during the EF shows that gymnasts are human beings, not robots, and making mistakes is normal. No matter what you do as a coach, the chance is also important during the contest."

"For the first time in years, we had two vault finalists"

"It is our return to normality. I am happy with Chelaru's vaults. Without exaggerating, I would have seen her on the podium, she should have won bronze. On the floor, without the incident from the third pass, she deserved the silver. Diana has had a great progress, she has corrected her form."

"What are the conclusions?"

"I can't draw any conclusion at the moment, the good part is that there are no new problems, the old ones have remained but the general feeling is of dissatisfaction. This is all we could do with all the health problems and lack of experience of the team."

The interview can be found in Prosport.

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