2010 Worlds Team Contenders - Romania

This is part three of a little game I call "team contenders". Why is Romania on the mix? Because it has always been there(!); the fact that I am Romanian also helped.
The following scores are based on the the competitions they had in September and, of course, on the nominative list, so Amelia Racea was not taken into account.

So, here is what I think Bellu will do:

Sandra Izbasa: 14.1 (5.3/8.8)
Cerasela Patrascu: 14 (5.3/8.7)
Diana Chelaru: 14.4 (5.8/8.6)

- Raluca Haidu 14.2 (5.8/8.4)- this may be a higher score but unless she manages to land this vault constantly, we are not going to see it in the team finals

Uneven Bars
Raluca Haidu: 14 (5.6/8.4)
Cerasela Patrascu: 14.4 (5.8/8.6)
Ana Porgras: 14.6 (6.2/8.4 or 6/8.6)

Gabriela Dragoi: 14.3 (5.9/8.4) - I put her routine as an alternative although could score better than Haidu because it has been too inconsistent

Balance Beam
Sandra Izbasa: 14.2 (5.7/8.5)
Gabriela Dragoi: 14.5 (5.9/8.6)
Ana Porgras: 15.2 (6.5/8.7)

- Raluca Haidu 14.7 (6.2/8.5) - we might see this routine instead of Sandra's but I doubt Bellu will make such a risky move
- Cerasela Patrascu 14.4 (5.7/8.7)

Ana Porgras: 14.2 (5.6/8.6)
Diana Chelaru: 14.2 (5.7/8.5)
Sandra Izbasa: 14.5 (5.8/8.7)

- none that can score above 14

As you may have noticed, the gymnasts I put as "alternates", could get higher scores than the ones that I think will be competing. I have seen Gabi Dragoi hitting only one UB routine this month, Raluca Haidu has big confidence issues on beam and doesn't always land her double twisting Yurchenko so I chose the safest routines over the potentially higher score but less consistent execution.

Conclusion: Romania's total can be somewhere between 172 -173.
What do you consider their true potential is?


LuisaGym said...

Thank you for making these predictions!!!

Bea said...

Thank you for reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bea for the predictions, I hope that for vault we will actually see Sandra perform a DTY and Raluca have a clean DTY as well! And also, I hope that Amelia Racea will compete on UB instead of Raluca Haidu. I think that at his point, I wouln't put Raluca to compete too much...