Worlds 2010 - favourite moments of a Romanian fan in day one of qualifications

(picture from GSP)

Today I was in the Ahoy arena with the Romanian fans. I am proud to say that Romania was the only team to have proper fan support in the first day of qualis. That does not mean that we did not cheer for other teams as well, like Russia or China or Japan or even GB.

This is why I will have to make two list of my favourite moments- one for our team Romania and one for the others... so bare with me :)

I will politely start with "the others" :P

#6 China on bars - well is not a moment but it surely feels like one

# 5 Lauren Mitchell on floor- this music and choreo really suit her
#4 Deng Linlin on beam - absolute control
#3 Beth Tweddle on bars- everybody in the arena stopped breathing
#2 Mustafina on vault- wow 6.1 and 6.5 D scores. And what execution!
# 1 The Russian Drama on floor. I actually started praying for them after Semenova fell twice, (once almost landed on her head); they sure seemed to be losing it. But this only made the evening better

Now, Romania

#6 Nadia at the official table hears our shouts "Haide Cera! Haide Gabi! Tareee"... she looks to see where the Romanian cheers are coming from. My friend Luiza and I sense the momentum and start waiving at Nadia. And Nadia waves back!!! Nadia is cool!

#5 Diana Chelaru on uneven bars: 8.6 execution. better than Ana Porgras LOL
#4 all three Romanian DTY receive over 8.8 E score!
#3 Ana Porgras' beam: 15.266 and the best beam score of day 1!
#2 Raluca Haidu's floor. She did not put a foot wrong. 14.2
# 1 for Romania in the first days of qualifications: I would have to give this to the best Romanian gymnast of the day, and not only in terms of scores but in outdoing herself. Sandra Izbasa brought "gargantuan" scores for the team - 14.8 on Vault, 14.766 on floor and 14.333 on beam. Thank you Sandra for keeping it together, you are a great champion!

What was your favourite moment from the qualifications?

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