Aliya Mustafina - World AA Champion

2nd Jiang Yuyan
3rd Rebecca Bross
or watch here.
4th Huang Quishuang
5th Ana Porgras
or watch here
6th Lauren Mitchell

Ana Porgras's scores: 13.966/ 14.433/ 15.433/ 14.300 I keep wondering what happens with her floor D score...

Raluca Haidu's scores: 14.666/ 13.400/ 14.466/ 13.800. She downgraded her beam difficulty and managed to stay on.

I felt really sorry for Rebecca Bross, she is so pale and looks so sad. I am sure that her skin tone is like that but she simply doesn't seem ok. All in all everything happened as expected: Mustafina is the best gymnast in the world right now and the Chinese have those huge difficulty score and very good execution, maybe Rebecca Bross should have lost a little more on execution on BB.

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