2010 Worlds Top Team Contenders - USA

Remember the tables I was talking about in one of my previous posts? I decided to publish them, even if I can barely make up my mind and I don't know a great deal about the COP. So if you read this and disapprove (or even if you agree), please take a moment and leave comment. I appreciate it!
I will start randomly with the US. What I wrote is based only on the nominative list and the US Nationals. Things must have changed slightly since then, plus the actual members of th US team can and will probably be different in Rotterdam.

So here is what seems to be the TF round up for US:
Ali Raisman 14.6 (5.8/8.8)
Kytra Hunter 14.7(5.8/8.9)
Alicia Sacramone 15 (6.3/8.7)

Rebecca Bross 14.6 (5.8/8.8)

Uneven Bars:
Mattie Larson 14.5 (6/8.5)
Rebecca Bross 14.7 (6.2/8.5)
Mackenzie Caquatto 14.8 (6.4/8.4)

- none that can realistically score above 14

Balance Beam:
Ali Raisman 14 (6(?)/8) - but let's face it, this is as iffy as it gets
Alicia Sacramone 14.6 (6/8.6)
Rebecca Bross 15.1 (6.4/8.7)

- none that can realistically score above 14

Kytra Hunter 14.4 (5.8/8.6)
Rebecca Bross 14.6 (6.1/8.5)
Mattie Larson 14.8 (5.9/8.7)

-Ali Raisman 14.4 (5.8/8.6)

Note: the scores are the maximum I think these gymnasts can score without wobbles or falls

As a conclusion, the US team can score between 175 and 176... That is a fairly good total. The bad news is that if anything happens between uneven bars and beam, they don't have anyone capable of scoring above 14.

What do you think? Are my predictions too pessimistic or too optimistic?

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Lauren C said...

Mattie Larson CAN score above a 14 on beam...assuming she doesn't have some huge mistake like she has the past two competitions.