Sandra must go on...

so says Bellu: "I think she has everything she needs to continue. It was just a competition, she had just returned after a very serious injury. To achieve the performances that made her famous there is still much work to do. She has the potential, the energy, and the name in order not to give up"

"Sandra has helped me a lot in this competition. Her encouragements have been beneficial, especially that she is more experienced. I am very sorry for what happened on floor, but I hope with all my heart that she will continue and show what she is capable of." Ana Porgras

So far, Izbasa looks pretty good, she placed second at the Arthur Gender Memorial, winning Citta di Chiasso Award for her floor routine.

watch Sandra's latest floor routine:

or here.

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Ana said...

Liked it! I hope she doesn't give up! Rumania needs her!