2010 Worlds Team Contenders - Russia

(Photo by Luiza B)

I will continue my team contenders (silly) little game with Russia. The scores I came up with are based on the friendly meet they had with Spain and Netherlands in September. I think it's a good measure of their potential. So here is who I'd pick:

Ksenia Afanasyeva: 14.6 (5.8/8.8)
Tania Nabieva: 15 (6.5/8.5)
Aliya Mustafina: 15.5 (6.5/9)

Anna Myzdrikova: 14.4 (5.6/8.8)

Uneven Bars:
Ekaterina Kurbatova: 14.6 (5.9/8.7)
Aliya Mustafina: 15. 4 (6.7/8.7)
Tania Nabieva: 15.6 (6.8/8.8)

Ksenia Semenova: 14.3 (6/8.3)

Balance Beam:
Aliya Mustafina: 14.1 (5.6/8.5)
Ksenia Semenova 14.5 (5.8/8.7)
Ksenia Afanasyeva: 14.5 (6/8.5)

Tania Nabieva 14.1 (5.7/8.4)

Tania Nabieva: 14.1 (5.5/8.6)
Ksenia Afanasyeva: 14.4 (5.9/8.5)
Aliya Mustafina: 14.5 (5.8/8.6)

Anna Myzdrikova: 14 (5.6/8.4)

Conclusion: The team total would be somewhere near 179. There is one thing we can't be sure of - Nabieva's Amanar, her execution could make the difference for Russia.
What do you think, is this too much?


Anonymous said...

thanks !
Please, post USA and CHN

Anonymous said...

Ah, Ok,sorry,

i saw now your prediction from USA!


delete my coment please.

Bea said...

Hello! It's ok, I will most certainly post China as well :)

Lauren C said...

Mustafina's beam score can go up to 6 or 6.2 depending on what she puts in there, and her bars to 6.9 or 7 if she connects her inbar stalder full to her Tkatchev and/or adds a stalder half after her Pak. Myzdrikova's floor can also go up to 5.9 if she throws everything.