the taste of gold - more Ana Porgras in the news

did you crunch your medal?
Ana :"hahaha nooo not literally but I tasted it... it has a... sweet taste, very nice. I already think about next year, to hope to get something in the all around."
Whad did Mr. Bellu tell you?
Congratulations and you could have done better (laughs).

Diana: I did not prepare only for vault, you know. I worked a lot... But until the next Worlds we will have the European championships as well.
Whad did Mr. Bellu tell you?
That if not for that step on the landing, the colour of the medal would have been different.

Octavian Bellu: I think that the girls tried hard, the men also, they wanted to have a better competition but this is what they could do, and in the end the Romanian delegation did fulfil the objectives

or watch it here.

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