2010 Worlds Team Contenders - China

(International Gymnast)

This is the final part of the series "Team Conterders" and the most difficult, for me. The D scores are the ones from the Chinese Nationals that were held in the end of August, combined with the ones the gymnasts had in the beginning of the summer 2010 (for the ones that couldn't compete their full routines or did not compete at all). Secondly, the E scores I gave are an optimistic evaluation of where they should be now compared to August.

An overview of their team first:
Jiang Yuyuan - her D scores are: VT-5.8/ UB-7.2 / BB-6.1 / FX- 5.8; with such difficulty she could challenge for the AA title, but her execution on UB and BB make her lose valuable points.
Huang Qiushuang - her D scores: VT- 5.8 / UB-7.1 / BB - 5.9 / FX-5.4; her strengths are the vault, the uneven bars routine and the presentation on floor; her weaknesses: the inconsistency on uneven bars and the balance beam
Yang Yilin - her D scores: VT-5.8 / UB-6.5 / BB-5.2 / FX-?; strengths: flawless execution/ weakness: lower D scores
Sui Lu - D scores: VT-5 / UB-5.4 / BB-6.9 / FX-5.9; strengths - will probably be one of the favorites to win the EF on BB and FX; weakness - low D scores and quite bad execution on the other two events
He Kexin: D scores: UB-7.4 (or so I've heard)
Deng Linlin: She has not competed in the last competitions; D scores: VT-? / UB-? / BB-6.8 / FX-?

So, here is my line-up:
Huang Qiushuang: 14.45 (5.8/8.65)
Jiang Yuyuan: 14.4 (5.8/8.6)
Yang Yilin: 14.1 (5.8/8.3)

- none that I know of, I think He Kexin and Sui Lu have only 5.0 SV; I do not know what Deng Linin is capable of.

Uneven Bars:
Yang Yilin: 15 (6.5/8.5)
Huang Qiushuang: 15.5 (7.1/8.4)
He Kexin: 16 (7.4/8.6)

Jiang Yuyuan: 15.2 (7.2/8)

Balance Beam
Yang Yilin: 14.1 (5.2/8.9)
Deng Linlin: 15.3 (6.8/8.5)
Sui Lu: 15.6 (6.9/8.7)

-Jiang Yuyuan: 14.5 (6.2/8.3)

Huang Qiushuang: 13.9 (5.4/8.5)
Jiang Yuyuan: 14.3 (5.8/8.5)
Sui Lu: 14.4 (5.9/8.5)

- Deng Linlin (?)

Conclusion: Team China is able to get a score around 176... If something did not change dramatically consistence wise since August we might see 2-3 falls, at least. If they have a good day, they can score more than that.

What do you think?


LuisaGym said...

Thank you for these predictions!

Anonymous said...

I think Deng Linlin is capable of very strong vaults and a very strong floor exercise...but it will depend on how she feels with the injury she has had.

Anonymous said...

if deng full recovery

VT 5.8
UB 6.5
FX 5.7