Ana Porgras on her biggest achievement at worlds and the change of mentality

But don't listen to the blonde lady, the actual translation is more like this: "I don't even have the words to say it, no... very beautiful, but at the same time when you her the national anthem you think about all the work you had to do"
Is it worth it?
"Yes! When you torment yourself and you work in the gym ... we always have these thoughts, that it's very difficult and that you have reached your limit. Then we have to think about moments like this and maybe it will be easier to get over it"

Some more interesting statements from Ana, here on
"My future will be almost the same in the gym, a lot more work, because in addition to this medal I may have lost more. You learn from all this experience; I will work harder to become the best. A medal at the World does not make you better, it's a medal, and if we want more we have to work hard, even more than before''said Ana.

I am very glad that I got over that (the injury) very quickly and managed to get here. Compared to 2009, probably the experience helped and the mental shift. Now I don't think like I used to and maybe this is a big difference. There's a big difference between saying I am going to attend the World Championships and saying I'm going to win at the Worlds. I was nervous after my routine, there were two Russian girls after me, and Mustafina, the all around champion had a good start value, but missed.

The most important achievement in this competition for Ana remains the fact that she never missed:''From my point of view, these World Championships were good. Since I came here I wanted to do all my routines here without failure. I managed to achieve this and this is my biggest joy''.

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