GSP TV - Corina Ungureanu and Octavian Belu, back in the gym

Corina Ungureanu: "If I were any younger, 25 at most, I would be making plans for the Olympics. I don’t know… I said that I was going to take this step by step and we will see. If I don’t have a good progress till the upcoming Worlds, meaning in 4 months, then I will have to ask myself if this is working out or not… I have will but I need to be healthy as well"… "I am financing my trainings, for now at least".

Octavian Belu: "Corina is making a praiseworthy effort, even if there are opinions for and against her presence in gym, I think she is a positive example for the younger gymnasts. I think that coming back at her age, to try and succeed at an elite level it's courageous" ... "The goal is clearly a common one, trying to have the best possible appearance in London 2012. Nothing will be forced , nothing will be left to chance and everything will be attentively planned."


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