Romania in the News - Week August 30th - September 4th

Ana Porgras - Prosport
Short interview with Ana Porgras after Romanian Nationals - in Prosport (read it HERE)

Marian Dragulescu is back and wants to win the gold medal at the Olympics - an interview by GSP (read it HERE

Fangymnastics published the second part of Beatrice's journal (read it HERE)
Brigid at The Couch Gymnast wrote a great piece about Catalina Ponor's career (HERE)

An interesting article about former Romanian gymnasts Simona and Camelia Renciu (from the same generation as Ecaterina Szabo) who are currently living and coaching in Luxemburg (HERE)

And Andra000lumi uploaded many videos from Romanian Nationals - from WAG, MAG and juniors- on her youtube channel.

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