Gent Challenger Cup - Qualifications- Live blogging - Part 2

Paseka – UB – 12.375 (5.5) - with a fall
Alina Fomenko - VT - 1 1/2Y - 13..8? ... she got around 13 for the second vault for a total of 13.432

Jiang Yuyuan - warm-up - she looks very good (even though she fell twice) - nice double lay-out dismount
Very nice routine for her - other than a few slight leg separations, no major deductions.14.95 (6.3).

Jade Barbosa - UB: she didn't quite hit those handstands and was a bit slow, but a successful routine for her. 13.625... she didn't even wait for her score - immediately moved to VT to help out Adrian Nunes Gomes who was up next.

Adrian Nunes Gomes: first vault 14.075 (5.3) Didn't see the second vault. Her final score is 13.9..

Homolova on UB - 12.975 (5.1)
Paseka VT - 14.775 (DTY) and  13.35 for her second vault (half on front straight) average: 14.062- 3rd
Livchikova UB 13.65 (5.4)
Vasiliki Miloussi: 14.325 (5.9) a bit high if you ask me :)

Wu Liufang (UB): beautiful routine. I thought she had lost it before the piked Tkachev but she recovered very well and stuck the landing! 15.35 (6.8)

S Bismpikou (UB) - 14.125 (6.1)

Diane Dos Santos(UB) - 13.6 (5.6)
Jessica Lopez is on 8th at the moment with Elizarova, Demyanchuk and Galiulina still to go.

Luisa Galiulina (UB) - falls on the high bar to low bar transition; a big step on the dismount. Pretty good other than that. 12.65 (5.6)

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