Gent Challenger Cup - Qualifications- Live blogging

Jessica Lopez just finished her UB routine. It was fantastic! except for the dismount (double front) - which she sat. Other than that, great form and 4 releases, including a laid-out jaeger.

L. Lo on UB: 13.825 (6.1 D)

Komova warming-up her UB - good form - hands down on dismount.

Results so far: Jade Barbosa leadung VT with 14.550.

UB - on first is Ida Gustavson from SWE:  14.125

Komova just finished her UB routine. It went... well ok. She just seems a little slow and had a few form breaks.
Still waiting for Komova's score... UPDATE 15.3 (6.7)

Brittani Rogers of Canada on UB: 13.45 (5.6)

Kristina Vaculik - on UB 13.725 (5.6)

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Crystal Savage said...

You're right... JLO had a beautiful routine (6.1) with amazing form and just an uncharacteristic fall on dismount. Thank you for blogging..