Romania in the news - week 22 - 28 August

Catalina Ponor (Photo source HERE)

National Championships:

Complete results on the Romanian Federation's website (WAG HERE, MAG HERE);
The Queen is Back - short interview with Catalina Ponor for ProSport (HERE);
Marian Dragulescu - competing AA again to help the team qualify for London Olympics - from GSP (HERE);
GSP also noticed how Ponor and Porgras dominated the Podium at nationals (HERE);
Results and brief analyses in Gymnastics - No Ceiling - All Around, vault and bars, beam and floor;
Pictures from Sportlocal (HERE)

Videos - from serenenz - most of the EF and second half of AA
dracsor - AA complete, vault and UB, some BB
Mihaitza48 - started to upload junior's BB

Unrelated to the National Championships:

Andreea Raducan Interview - which I missed in my previous post (read it HERE)

An opinion piece about Bellu and Bitang's absence from the competition floor I wrote for TCG (read it HERE)

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