"I wish Mariana many medals

especially on beam" is Octavian Bellu's wish for Mariana Bitang on the 49th birthday.

"I am like a mother... a mother must also love them and tell them when things are not going well" she said to the press who wanted to also find out what presents she had received. She gracefully replied she was aware only of the flowers and there were also some unopened boxes somewhere.

Mariana Bitang was congratulated by the president's wife who also brought presents for the gymnast. The gymnasts sang her happy birthday and said that they needed to regroup and bring home shiny medals (Ponor), and that they love it when Mariana is happy, the atmosphere in the gym is much nicer - Izbasa (why did we have a feeling it was the case :) )

Also a nice present from Ana Porgras watch it here (at 00:40).

Other clips, most of the times same images but you can discover interesting things if you watch closely - here and here:


Ashley said...

lovely. i'm curious where the romanians will fall this world's. also, who are the 2 girls to the right at about 1:11, after izbasa and ponor?

Bea said...

Hey Ashley, Next to Izbasa and Ponor I saw Dragoi and Beatris Margarit- first year senior, in both clips. I think they are pretty seriors about Tokio, especially Izbasa and Ponor :)